Monday, December 10, 2012

Descartes - Konig der Jagdhunde (Klimt Dogs)

Well...Konig got the better of me haha.

I went ahead and starting painting him (you can see the line work and color studies in my two previous posts) and just didn't stop :) I didn't really have a plan all the way thought out when I started it's no surprise that by the end I ran into quite a bit of trouble...

But we made it through and this is the finished result - with no digital touch up other than an exposure tweak to bold the colors back up after scanning. The other "Klimt Dog" is my character Aristotle....he's in the early stages of painting, and I hope to have him uploaded as well soon :)

So yeah, here is Descartes, my Konig der Jagdhunde (King of the Hellhounds):

watercolor, gouache, and colored pencil
on MATTE board! *shot*
Inspired by Klimt

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Klimt Dogs 2

I meant to upload these yesterday - WHOOPS!

After giving the Klimt dogs a night of rest, I came back in the morning and notices some things needed changin! So I went ahead and revised the sketches and redid the color studies. I think they're a lot better now (but please critique if you see fit!)!

The next stage will probably be to start the painting! I'm super excited!
Color studies done in Fire Alpaca

Saturday, December 1, 2012

Klimt Dogs

Here's a  peak at something I started today :)
Today was the CCAD Art Sale and John and I did not make it in because spots filled up within 1 MINUTE AND 8 SECONDS after sign-ups opened (yikes). But we're hoping to get into the Spring Sale! :D Anywho, all of the pretty art (we bought SEVEN prints! WEE!!) really inspired me to do some art haha. Soooo...I grabbed some Klimt inspiration and some board I've been meaning to use...and drew up some old characters.

Here are the sketches and a the first run of color studies...gotta let 'em rest tonight though. Too tired to go on D:> These were drawn in pencil (4H) on tinted board and then colored in FireAlpaca.

Also for those curious, these are the two Klimt pieces that I'm pulling colors from :)

I luff Klimt <3
Anywho, will continue on these later. They'll be traditional - watercolor, gouache, and acrylic with some pencil/ink work (as per usual of my traditional stuff haha). MAYBE I CAN BREAK OUT THE COPICS! *gasp*

Friday, November 30, 2012

PPG Z - 30sec TV Spot

In my motion graphics class (Spring 2012) we had to do a 30sec TV Spot for any tv channel we wanted (this wasn't official work of course...but it was fun!!). I chose to do a spot for Cartoon Network - featuring the show PowerPuff Girls Z (which has not aired in the USA...yet haha).

It's kinda campy and crazy but whatever! This is actually a revised version, because the original was done early in the semester before I knew what I was doing haha.

Geisha Titles

Hey All,
I'm not sure if I actually posted correct me if I'm wrong D:

In my Motion Graphics class (spring 2012), we had to do either opening or closing movie credits. I picked Memoirs of a Geisha (closing credits). All of the credits appear in the same order as the movie. All of the images were found via Google and the music is from the Soundtrack. The movie clip at the end is from the trailer. (I dun own ANY of it!)

Done in After Effects

Insight Bank - Progress

Hey All, I just realized that I never posted the PROGRESS vids of the Insight Bank work.
You can see the FINISHED version here: CLICK ME!

My thesis class had the opportunity to work with Insight Bank (A local bank here in the Columbus, OH area). They hired us to make some animations/infographics that could be shown throughout their new building in Worthington :D It was a super exciting opportunity. We all pitched ideas, mine was this - a simple filler to go between animation that showed off their logo. This is the animatic (DRAFT 1). The CEO liked it and we moved forward on production! Created in After Effects:

After getting the okay on the animatic (draft 1) we moved ahead in production.
Directed by Jessica Miera and Patrick Danber
3D work by Vincent Tjandra & Patrick Danber
2D work by Nelson Givens

More progress on the Insight Bank animated Logo Filler. All that's left after this is doing some final tweaks to the background, fixing some timing issues, and changing the color of the "we get it" to match with their branding.

Directed by Jessica Miera & Patrick Danber
3D work by Vincent Tjandra & Patrick Danber
2D work by Nelson Givens
Background made by Ross Holbrook

This was another one of the projects we are doing for Insight Bank (A local bank here in the Columbus, OH area). This piece is focusing on how the bank is involved in with the community.

The concept is by John Chiriac.

This is our 2nd pass at the layout for the piece after John's initial presentation. The text is just something we put in for the meantime since we didn't have our official/approved text from the bank yet :)
As you can also see, the pacing on this version is also not perfect. It was more of just a visual for all of us on the team so we knew what this baby was gonna look like.

Directed by John Chiriac
Co-Directed by Jessica Miera & Patrick Danber
This animatic was made in Adobe After Effects by Jessica Miera

This was our 3rd pass at the animatic for John's piece with Insight Bank. The CEO really wanted us to add in a few more specific things related to their bank and their involvement with the community. We came in with some text (which has been approved) and revised the layout boards with more scenes (the pacing still isn't perfect though...this version was a little rushed because of the short notice I'm afraid).

With this revised animatic, we'd gone ahead and started working on the actual animations and structure models (they're quite lovely).

Directed by John Chiriac
Co-Directed by Jessica Miera & Patrick Danber
Animatic made in Adobe After Effects by Jessica Miera, Abby Hellstrom, and Nelson Givens.

After all of this we were able to compile these two pieces together (along with a couple more) and get the finished product! You can view it via the link at the top of this post! :D

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Revamping (but without vampires)

Hey Everyone,

I've been thinking about it and I'm pretty sure that I have decided to revamp the blog.
Right now, it's sort of the combination of all my work...but I'm thinking of separating it into three different categories. They are as follows:

This blog will be all about the artwork. Drawings, paintings, illustrations and ALL MY CHARACTER WORK. Projects I'm working on that such as Avirs and Rise of the Scion will have their progress posted in this blog. In other words, anything that requires any sort of drawing via hand or computer will go over here. This includes animation work! (EXCEPT IN THE CASE OF STORYBOARDS - note below)

This blog will have everything to do with my photography work (which is only done on the side - and not very often) and all of my film/video work. This is what I focused on in college and what I'm currently doing as a professional (I'm an assistant editor at Hotbed Media, LLC). SO - this blog will include embedded files and/or links to video/film projects I'm working on and will not include any artwork (EXCEPT IN THE CASE OF STORYBOARDS - note below).

Because storyboards are obviously both used in film and animation....they will be separated accordingly. Any storyboards that have to do with animation (such as storyboards for any animated piece I help with - like the Insight Bank project or projects like Aviris or Rise of the Scion) will go in the ART blog. Any storyboards done for my film/video work (such as those for Moments That Matter and Sink Like Stones) will go in the FILM/PHOTOGRAPHY blog. This is to insure that they storyboards can go with the projects they're meant for and so that someone doesn't have to jump back and forth to see the storyboards from one project on one blog then jump to another blog to see the final version :)

It just so happens that I partake in some other work outside of the painting, drawing, and film. I also like to make some crafty things - mainly keychain charms and homemade books! I don't make them very often, so this corner of the internet may not be VERY active...but every once in a while I'm sure it will have a burst of growth :) Nearly everything on this particular blog will also be for SALE for any that are interested!

So keep an eye out and be patient with me as I move everything around dolls <3
And as always, thanks for the time it's taken you to read all of this and look at the blog and/or leave comments - it means a lot to me!

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Scion Progress - T Poses

I've been working on the T-Poses for Johnny and Lucas. I think that Johnny's is pretty close to being solidified - it will just be adding on her hair, clothes, accessories now :) I can't wait to see her modeled in the future!

This version of Lucas' T-Pose is just a rough. We originally had a rough turnaround where his arms were down, but our modeler's want him in a traditional T-Pose (like all of the characters) so now we're doing THAT version haha. Hopefully his turnaround will be on par with Johnny's soon though :D

Johnny & Lucas are (c) Animation Hero

Before I could work on the T-poses, I was having a bit of artblock...and so I just decided to do some minor sketching. It turned into a guy with the moon behind him and then a very basic coloring of Anon haha

All of these pieces were done in FireAlpaca :)

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Johnny Turnaround - lines

I've been working on a turnaround for Johnny :)
It took a long time, and quite a few revisions (which I've shown here) but I think I've finally got her body lines down (though I think her braid still needs some work). After I get that hair figured out though, I'll be putting on the clothing layers - which includes the fabled gravity gauntlet! Let me know what you think!

Done in FireAlpaca

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Scion - A man with no name

This is a character who's name hasn't been decided yet. We just keep referring to him as "Achilles" for now :) These are very first sketches having to do with him...just playing with heads (as part of a warm-up) and seeing what I can come up with. He is supposed to have some Greek influence. I did these in FireAlpaca - as a way to get acclimated to the program.

I know you guys are probably tired of all the sketches lately :C Hopefully there will be more color soon! Since we'll be moving ahead on some of the main character of Rise of the Scion, we'll be doing color studies of them and, eventually, more finished pieces :) So just stick around a while longer!

Thursday, October 4, 2012

A painting and some lines

These have been sitting around in my basement for a while...finally got to scanning them haha. I worked on the lines for the Snape piece! Probably going to go digital on it. I also finished my Phantom of the opera painting! I didn't really have a plan for it...I just kinda went for it lol Seems I like impressionism :)

Sunday, September 30, 2012

More Scion

Some more from the Rise of the Scion projects with Animation Hero. All characters are (c) to Animation Hero (also I just got a profile page on their site! Super exciting! *squee*) Trying to work out an outfit and hair styles that works best with Johnny. Also trying to figure out a big gun design for Tinman.

For more Scion, check out the blog of John Pohlman which has been updated with all sorts of awesomeness :D

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Phantom & Severus progress

Working on a couple of different things right now. Hoping to paint these...though I haven't quite figured out how I'm going to approach the Phantom piece yet.

Thursday, September 6, 2012


So I rarely find myself doing fanart....but I had the sudden urge to draw up this little sketch:

I blame John Williams. Anyone else feel like fangirling the hell out of this with me? I feel another watercolor and ink piece coming on. *heart heart heart*

Lyonel and Tinman - Scion

Moving one of the pages of Lyonel up from my last post to this one :)

Here are the lastest sketches of Tinman and Lyonel from Rise of the Scion. Still trying to figure them out. I think we're almost there on Tinman, but Lyonel is being difficult D:>

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Scion's Johnny

We've been working on Scion so I thought I'd post some of the stuff I've been doing for it. Currently I've been working on the main character - Johnny. Trying to figure out the right body, lines, and face for her. Also...OUTFITS! <3

the two Johnny's on the left were drawn by John, I did the ones on the right

For inspiration, I had the Monster Hunter artbook open for Johnny's outfits :) Also, I looked at Spartan, Roman, and Greek fashion

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Rise of the Scion - breaking ice


After having our 2nd meeting, the bossmen that we're working with at Animation Hero are letting us post our sketches for their newest project: Rise of the Scion! You can see a snazzy (yet generic) temporary poster for it here: Click Me.

Now I have to keep the plot of Rise of the Scion completely under wraps, so you don't get to read about any of that just yet. HOWEVER, I am permitted to post my sketches and John Pohlman can post his too! (as you can see, he is being very slow at updating his blog. Maybe if we all bug him enough, he'll hurry up! hehe. His sketches are beautiful!).

I'm excited to share these sketches and my process down the road of concept work for this project. I look forward to any feedback any of you wish to provide me with <3

And so - to the characters!

JOHNNY - She's the main character of Scion and has thus far, been one of the hardest to figure out. My initial urge was to make her African-American, but I think that's because I simply wanted to draw a giant afro and saw this image draw by Phillip Jackson over at deviantART. Then I tried going a bit Latin and then more Mediterranean. Ben and George (the creators of Scion) really liked the 1st and 2nd drawings in the 2nd image of Johnnys here. So far, it's her FACE that's giving us the most trouble - but we WILL figure it out. For reference, I was looking at Disney's Megara, Helga Sinclair, and Nani.

LUCAS - He is Johnny's younger brother...and he's a total hippie hehehe John got Lucas' design DOWN. But to see it, John will have to feel like updating his own blog :)

LYONEL - This kitty cat is going through a name-change right now (to keep people from automatically thinking Thundercats when his name is said). Lyonel is from another world than Lucas and Johnny, and these early sketches do not reflect that well. John and I have come up with some way cooler designs and I should be uploading some of those sketches soon :) However, I must admit that I am QUITE the fan of the design in the lower left corner (I think it's the fanning dreads).

TINMAN - also currently go back and forth on whether or not he will have an actual name or just be referred to as a tinman :) This robo is a war machine super droid. They were mass produced for different types of warfare (air, ground, water, ect) but we've been specifically working on the ground models :) This guy's design has also come a long way from these sketches and I'm hoping to post more soon.

Well that's about it for now. Now that we can upload our sketches,there will be more activity around here as we continue working on this project. We're hoping that it can turn into something big and awesome and amazing. I guess we'll see :)

Until next time!

Friday, August 17, 2012


Things are happening here! Working with Animation Hero, I'm not allowed to show you any sketches...yet. Hopefully that will change in the near future out :) It will be a big update when I can finally upload things :)

In the meantime, here's a pencil drawing of 4 of the main characters from Aviris: Duilio, Cirino, Eulalia, and Nikita:

Final designs and anatomy haven't been quite figured out on half of these guys :( Just decided to try and draw them out and see what happens :) Cirino's pose was completely unplanned so he looks like a Derp. Probably won't do anything more with this drawing because it's hideous haha. Hopefully I can re-draw soon and start a more finished piece <3

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Alum Choir Progress

Here's my progress for my latest freelance job. I posted the finished piece in my last post, but I thought I'd go ahead and do a progress post too :)

Here was the very first sketch - as you can see some of them need quite a bit of work haha. My original idea was to work with an animal called a binturoung/bearcat - which is the mascot to my high school. However, my client (aka my choir teacher) wanted me to focus more on "alumni". SO, after a couple of days of seriously pondering that over - I cam up with this - showing the choir as we are now - grown and walking different paths in life. Getting married,  having kids, graduating college, traveling, in the military, and budding professionals :) She loved this idea and so the next step...

...was to refine the design! I took all of the characters and began to draw the second draft. Here you can see that I changed the position of some of the characters so that there was more balance in the piece. I also changed some of the facial directions so add in some more variety :)

I decided to do that piece in Adobe Illustrator....which may or may not have been a good idea haha. I was not trained in Illustrator and I don't know it very well....luckily, I live with 3 people that do. I've done all of my freelance work these past few years (especially logos - including my own) in Illustrator. Vector just works better for printing unless you have fancy dancy super printer and beautiful cotton paper (which this will NOT be printed on) hahaha.  

Luckily, I only had to dook it out with Illustrator a couple of times before I got it to work just the way I want it. I was commissioned to only design the front of the pamphlet, so that's why the back is so blank. I DID, however, plop my name on it.

As I gift to the choir, I did not charge for this piece. The alumni choir show is being done to help raise money for the choir - which is need of some new uniforms after a freak dry-cleaning accident D:> I had some of the best friends in choir, so I don't mind helping them out this time :) And I will be part of the show next week - super excited for the little reunion.

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Choir Variety Show

I finished some freelance work for my high school choir:

As you can see, it changed A LOT from the Binturong/Bearcat idea from my last post.....the client wanted me to focus more on "alumni" I did :) The show is next month and I will be singing again with friends - it's gonna be a lot of fun! This design will be on the pamphlets for the show in the local paper as the ad for the show. The show will be thrown to raise money for the choir - who needs some new uniforms!

In other news, I have officially started some work with Animation Hero . However, I can't show you any of that work ;) Perhaps in the future. John will also be joining me on the adventure :)

And in even OTHER news - Did you see the Olympic Opening Ceremonies?! Fun and weird and interesting and MR BEAN!! :heart: Also..the swim team doing "Call Me Maybe"....we Americans are goofy haha.

(...also Spain and Ireland and Australia and Canada *not picky*)