Sunday, August 26, 2012

Rise of the Scion - breaking ice


After having our 2nd meeting, the bossmen that we're working with at Animation Hero are letting us post our sketches for their newest project: Rise of the Scion! You can see a snazzy (yet generic) temporary poster for it here: Click Me.

Now I have to keep the plot of Rise of the Scion completely under wraps, so you don't get to read about any of that just yet. HOWEVER, I am permitted to post my sketches and John Pohlman can post his too! (as you can see, he is being very slow at updating his blog. Maybe if we all bug him enough, he'll hurry up! hehe. His sketches are beautiful!).

I'm excited to share these sketches and my process down the road of concept work for this project. I look forward to any feedback any of you wish to provide me with <3

And so - to the characters!

JOHNNY - She's the main character of Scion and has thus far, been one of the hardest to figure out. My initial urge was to make her African-American, but I think that's because I simply wanted to draw a giant afro and saw this image draw by Phillip Jackson over at deviantART. Then I tried going a bit Latin and then more Mediterranean. Ben and George (the creators of Scion) really liked the 1st and 2nd drawings in the 2nd image of Johnnys here. So far, it's her FACE that's giving us the most trouble - but we WILL figure it out. For reference, I was looking at Disney's Megara, Helga Sinclair, and Nani.

LUCAS - He is Johnny's younger brother...and he's a total hippie hehehe John got Lucas' design DOWN. But to see it, John will have to feel like updating his own blog :)

LYONEL - This kitty cat is going through a name-change right now (to keep people from automatically thinking Thundercats when his name is said). Lyonel is from another world than Lucas and Johnny, and these early sketches do not reflect that well. John and I have come up with some way cooler designs and I should be uploading some of those sketches soon :) However, I must admit that I am QUITE the fan of the design in the lower left corner (I think it's the fanning dreads).

TINMAN - also currently go back and forth on whether or not he will have an actual name or just be referred to as a tinman :) This robo is a war machine super droid. They were mass produced for different types of warfare (air, ground, water, ect) but we've been specifically working on the ground models :) This guy's design has also come a long way from these sketches and I'm hoping to post more soon.

Well that's about it for now. Now that we can upload our sketches,there will be more activity around here as we continue working on this project. We're hoping that it can turn into something big and awesome and amazing. I guess we'll see :)

Until next time!


  1. I like your use of shapes within your forms, though I think that a little bit of gestures for the movement might help with anatomy and poses as well! Good work :)

    1. Thanks so much for your comment! I agree that gestures would help and I plan on doing more (and uploading of course). It sounds like this project will be long term, so I'm really excited to keep working on it! :D