Sunday, July 29, 2012

Choir Variety Show

I finished some freelance work for my high school choir:

As you can see, it changed A LOT from the Binturong/Bearcat idea from my last post.....the client wanted me to focus more on "alumni" I did :) The show is next month and I will be singing again with friends - it's gonna be a lot of fun! This design will be on the pamphlets for the show in the local paper as the ad for the show. The show will be thrown to raise money for the choir - who needs some new uniforms!

In other news, I have officially started some work with Animation Hero . However, I can't show you any of that work ;) Perhaps in the future. John will also be joining me on the adventure :)

And in even OTHER news - Did you see the Olympic Opening Ceremonies?! Fun and weird and interesting and MR BEAN!! :heart: Also..the swim team doing "Call Me Maybe"....we Americans are goofy haha.

(...also Spain and Ireland and Australia and Canada *not picky*)

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Aviris sketches and a Choir Project

I was recently asked by my old high school, choir teacher to design the pamphlet cover to this year's alumni choir variety show. My high school's mascot is a Bearcat - otherwise known as a Binturoung. I was given free-range on the design, and I like drawing animals, so that's what I went with haha. These are my current sketches:

While I was feeling sketchy, I went ahead and decided to give a couple of scenes from Aviris a go. I'm really working with the designs of the characters (other than Nikita). But even though their looks are evolving, the character's have always had certain relationships with each other :) I finally wanted to show some interaction between some of them.

Here's Adele (Eulalia's friend and Alonzo's younger sister) with Dulio (Cirino's brother). Dulio doesn't warm up the group very well, but Adele likes him, despite his deformities, and follows him around like a puppy - much to his dismay and amusement.

And here's Nikita chatting with Cirino about something or other. These two don't start off as best friends, but as the story goes on their relationship begins to blossom. Cirino is Dulio's younger brother.

That's all for now, but I'm still feeling who knows! I may upload more soon :)

(lawl, notice how I can't draw environments. Also, I totally reference an image from Brave and an image from Tangled haha)

Friday, July 6, 2012

History and World Building

Hey everyone, so here's some updates on a couple of projects:

First off, the history project for a client at work didn't get very far. The client decided that they didn't want to take the route of animation :( There's still time for that to change...but it most likely won't. However, I did get THREE different styles drawn out for each of the characters (Queen Victoria, Nelson Mandela, Ernest Shackleton, and Henry Ford). Here they are:

This is a more mature look for them. My boss liked this one the most out of the three that I did. I have an older and younger Victoria here, because we weren't sure which one of her we would be using in the project heh.

I've always wanted to give the style of Okami a go. So here's that.

This one is based of an animation that was done for Virgin America. You can see it here: This style was done at my boss's request.

All of these were fun (and by no means finalized haha the client never even saw them). Like I said though, the client doesn't seem to want to animation as much as just regular ol' live action. So we'll see what happens :) These were all done a while ago...but I'm awful at updating lately heh...

In other news, my story known here on the blog as "Aviris" is...ONCE AGAIN...getting a bit of a makeover. I'm not sure where it will go but it's been quite fun. I've been working on a world map and character development...I think that I may have finally decided to do it as a'll start off ont he web....eventually D:> Just gotta work out some plot kinks before I can really dig into the pages. Hopefully I can get this project off of the ground soon - it really means a lot to me and I want it to happen for better or worse....I also need to think of a new title for it D:>