Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Eulalia progression

Some progression from my original character, Eulalia - whom I've been working on in my Character Design class :)

Character Sketches

All of these were done (rather quickly) in my character design class. Similar to the Emperor's New Groove and Sword in the Stone sketches a couple posts back. ENJOY.

 Bender (c) whoever owns Futurama
 Jungle Book (c) Disney
 The Lion King (c) Disney
Kung fu Panda (c) DreamWorks

Friday, September 16, 2011

Current Portfolio

soooooo, yeah. This is my current portfolio for school (the pages aren't in order because Blogger is like "NO." sorry:

Also, this is the link to my Highlight Reel on Vimeo: 
...I'm not really happy with it...but eh! I've got a year to figure it out right?! hehehe

Interactive Design - Learning Scratch

So in my Interactive Design class, we've been learning Scratch (A program created by M.I.T.). We've been making simple games in it and I thought I'd show a couple of screen shots:

You play as the Knight and your job is to slay the Dragon before he BBQa you :) I've included screenshots of the Dragon's Attack (fireball), Your Attack (throwing a sword), and the winning and losing screens. WOO!

Oh, the Dragon changes color each time you hit him and if you make it to 5 kills you win :) The castle is Peles in Romania :D

Holy Crap! New Post! :D

Sooooo I'm updating all of my work on all of my blogs - WOO! hehehe

This entry is just to let you know what I've been up to. I've just finished the 3rd week of my SENIOR. YEAR. OF. COLLEGE (omgwtflmaobbq?!). It's going to be a crazy super awesome ridiculous semester and I'm very excited. I really want to be pushed this year and I'm looking forward to building a portfolio and doing whatever happens after graduation :) Mainly though...I'm just excited I get to graduate haha. It was questionable there for a while because of finances D:>

Sooooo, here are some sketches I did in my Character Design class from The Emperor's New Groove and The Sword and the Stone (which all belong to Disney btw).

In other news: expect a new banner from me soonish. I'm going to make myself a logo! D:>

In other other news: our car is breaking down and we need a new one :( So sad.