Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Beat that...cat with...a...dog?

Latest stuff from character design!

Oh look...a unicorn! <3

HANDS! From TARZAN! (Glen's a BEAST)
Latest assignment was to create a co-start for Amanda in 9 different color variations. AND SO I DID. This is Kitty, a poodle who likes to costume about as popular 80's bands :) I think Devo Kitty is my favorite XD

Monday, November 21, 2011


Today in class we drew from the Spongebob movie:

Also, latest homework was to take my character, Amanda, and draw him/her from 9 different time periods with fitting occupations. It was a LOT of fun!

My boyfriend didn't want a soldier for the 1940's though. He wanted a Geisha. So here's the Geisha version of Amanda:

He really is a super amount of fun to draw :) I'm the first one in the class to do a drag queen (even my professor has never done one!) so it's very exciting. So far, he's gotten some positive reviews :3 I think it's gotten better since I've tweaked his design a bit from the original (previous post).

Friday, November 18, 2011

Film Portfolio

In other news, I'll be meeting with SOS Television Communications downtown tomorrow. They offered to take a look at my portfolio so I revamped the general one so that it was more focused on my film/video work (A link to my Vimeo is above the post). So here's my current Film Portfolio :)

Amanda Reckonwith

Latest assignment was us getting random perimeters to create a character. Mine were to make someone with "an athletic build", who was "slightly taller than average", made using "square shapes", and who had a "vain" personality.

And sooooooooooooooooooooo....I made my first drag queen :)

I thinking of adding Amanda to the same story as Aero, Colette (who you'll see more of soon), Frederic, and Lawrence. He kinda plays the skeasy informant character. He's a flamboyant drag queen....but a bad one. Also, DRAMA Queen is more like it ;)

Next assignment is to draw him from 9 different time eras. That should be posted by this weekend at the earliest. I'm excited :3

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Collective Fail

Sooooo...Today in class we all failed together haha. Our prof brought in Enchanted (which I've only seen once but it has WONDERFUL animation sequences) to draw from and just....none of us could draw Giselle for our LIVES. hahaha I believe my prof said, "Some days....you just suck. There's a lot of collective suck happening right now." So he stopped us and we did critique instead XD *commence self-pity*

Giselle (c) Disney and Amy Adams

This was my other failure of the night. For homework I had to draw a character in 5 action poses showing personality, do 5 head studies, and show 3 outfits. Mine is NOT very nice...I admit I just plain ran out of time :( My prof was not impressed ><'' BUT, I did get informative feedback for my Aviris designs.

This was done later in the evening for funsies. I had this darn quote stuck in my head for a day in a half so finally put it to a drawing! NiKita and Eulalia obviously drink haha The low opacity notes were given by my prof during my critique.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Ladies (class sketches)

In class we were going over the female body. This included drawing Jessica Rabbit, Chel, and a random mermaid girl:

Chel (c) Dreamworks

Jessica Rabbit belongs to whoever owns Roger

We were looking at some development work on Ariel from the Little Mermaid when my teacher switched into doing gesture sketches from a tool called Pixelovely. We were to do gestures of people but try to turn them into Ariel....I didn't get much time to study Ariel's design...so they look nothing like here really haha

Also, some other quick gestures.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

General Portfolio - 2011

This is a general portfolio that demonstrates all of my skill sets and does not focus on one artistic field in particular. This portfolio is the one I presented at my college's internship fair, in order to cover all of my bases with a myriad of companies.

For a more specific portfolio, please contact me (though I hope to add some to my blog here soon).

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Catwoman Lines

Latest assignment was to take an existing character and do them in different line styles. I unfortunately missed class so I missed the hype-up and conversation about line quality :'(

Anyway, I picked Catwoman:

I originally wanted to do the Cat Shepard from Nocturna....gonna have to get better refs of him :/

On another note, we'll be starting on final projects in character design. I'm really excited but have to do some brainstorming :) I'm thinking of working on Aero....because he has Team Fortress Spy proportions haha.

In my portfolio class, we'll be starting a Networking project, so I'm nervous and excited to try and contact some of the awesome artists I look up to :) More on that later.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Ichabod and sketchy-ness

Got to draw from Disney's version of Sleepy Hollow yesterday in class:

Also, I'm trying to force myself to start doing landscapes/anything that isn't just characters. I fail at backgrounds...mainly cuz I've just never had to draw/paint/make them D:> But if i want Aviris to keep developing, I should really try and get the look of the world down in my own hands (this speedpaint was using a pic off of google for reference):