Saturday, November 24, 2012

Scion Progress - T Poses

I've been working on the T-Poses for Johnny and Lucas. I think that Johnny's is pretty close to being solidified - it will just be adding on her hair, clothes, accessories now :) I can't wait to see her modeled in the future!

This version of Lucas' T-Pose is just a rough. We originally had a rough turnaround where his arms were down, but our modeler's want him in a traditional T-Pose (like all of the characters) so now we're doing THAT version haha. Hopefully his turnaround will be on par with Johnny's soon though :D

Johnny & Lucas are (c) Animation Hero

Before I could work on the T-poses, I was having a bit of artblock...and so I just decided to do some minor sketching. It turned into a guy with the moon behind him and then a very basic coloring of Anon haha

All of these pieces were done in FireAlpaca :)

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