Monday, December 10, 2012

Descartes - Konig der Jagdhunde (Klimt Dogs)

Well...Konig got the better of me haha.

I went ahead and starting painting him (you can see the line work and color studies in my two previous posts) and just didn't stop :) I didn't really have a plan all the way thought out when I started it's no surprise that by the end I ran into quite a bit of trouble...

But we made it through and this is the finished result - with no digital touch up other than an exposure tweak to bold the colors back up after scanning. The other "Klimt Dog" is my character Aristotle....he's in the early stages of painting, and I hope to have him uploaded as well soon :)

So yeah, here is Descartes, my Konig der Jagdhunde (King of the Hellhounds):

watercolor, gouache, and colored pencil
on MATTE board! *shot*
Inspired by Klimt

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