Friday, June 15, 2012

Some History

What do Queen Victoria, Henry Ford, Ernest Shackleton, and Nelson Mandela have in common?

some pre-lim sketches and notes for them (more to come in the next few days):

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Insight Bank - Finished Animations!

This is what my Advanced Time-Based Media class did last semester for Insight Bank in Worthington :) It's a 4min animation that is meant to be looped.

Insight Bank Lobby Animation Loop from Jessica Miera on Vimeo.

John Chiriac - Director and 3D Animator/Modeler
Patrick Danber - Director an 3D Animator/Modeler
Nelson Givens - 2D Animator
Abby Hellstrom - 2D Animator
Ross Holbrook - Layout Artist, Compositor, Moation Graphic Designer
Jessica Miera - Director and Layout Artist
Vincent Tjandra - 3D Animator and Modeler

We used Maya, Harmony, After Effects, and a little bit of Cinema 4D
PS - original final does NOT have the black frame

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Updates - VOS, Animation Hero, Vet Logo

Alright so quick updates!

Summer goes well and I am doing a lot at work! We finished up some work with Levis and Deliotte very recently so hopefully there will be some downtime for a while on the client end - mainly so that we can finish up some special bonus footage for Valley of the Sun!

Valley of the Sun (VOS) was directed by my boss, Stokes McIntyre, and was released on DVD recently! You can also rent it digitally from various places (youtube, itunes, amazon, ect). If you get your hands on the actual DVD though, you can see the behind-the-scenes bonus - which I edited! YAY!

We hope to put up some more features online soon (including and outtake reel that I'm working on and hopefully some interviews) so spread the word and go rent yourself a romance/comedy! :)

I'd also like to mention that soon I shall be joining the ranks of Animation Hero! This is a really exciting opportunity where I will be working as a character designer. I'm sure you'll be hearing more about it soon hehe

As for the Vet Logo that I was working on my last few posts - the client decided to cancel :( This is a bummer, but we'll all live - it was for the best at this point. Either way, it was nice to work on some art instead of just video for a bit...hopefully there shall be more art soon! (and also video to show hehe).

Hope you've all been well! ADIOS.