Thursday, June 14, 2012

Insight Bank - Finished Animations!

This is what my Advanced Time-Based Media class did last semester for Insight Bank in Worthington :) It's a 4min animation that is meant to be looped.

Insight Bank Lobby Animation Loop from Jessica Miera on Vimeo.

John Chiriac - Director and 3D Animator/Modeler
Patrick Danber - Director an 3D Animator/Modeler
Nelson Givens - 2D Animator
Abby Hellstrom - 2D Animator
Ross Holbrook - Layout Artist, Compositor, Moation Graphic Designer
Jessica Miera - Director and Layout Artist
Vincent Tjandra - 3D Animator and Modeler

We used Maya, Harmony, After Effects, and a little bit of Cinema 4D
PS - original final does NOT have the black frame

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