Tuesday, January 1, 2013


My roommates recently required the board game Parcheesi (which is an adaption of the Royal Game of India: Pachisi). In some versions, the pawns are in the shapes of animals (which I prefer). These animals are as follows: The Bull, Tiger, Camel, and Elephant. Each of these animals has a specific color and in India, has a very special meaning. This inspired me to a do a small series showcasing these animals and just exploring a little Indian spirituality. Along with inspiration from the game, I also used traditional henna designs to pull in some more Indian flavor. These are my end-of-2012 shebang hehe

Each of the originals is 6x6'' and done in watercolor and La Kaligrafica Italian inks:

Bull - green - represents "Spirituality"

Camel - yellow - represents "Love"

Elephant - blue - represents "Luck"

Tiger - red - represents "Courage"

I also made them represent each of the houses of a standard card deck....mainly because each of the symbols coincides with what each animal represents (I.E. clovers are lucky, and the heart is the symbol of love, ect)