Artistic Inspiration

Below you will find a list of names of artists / companies that have inspired me on my long journey to artdom! Most are hyper linked so that you can also enjoy their wonderful work. I hope that some of them inspire you as much as they do me :)

Leon Bakst - Russian painter and scene- and costume designer.
Chris Battle - Character Designer and Illustrator
Ivan Bilibin - 20th-century illustrator
William-Adolphe Bouguereau - French academic painter and traditionalist.
Pascal Campion - French-American illustrator and animator.
Elsa Chang - Character designer at Paramount
CanisAlbus - deviantART artist / Illustrator
Eric Fortune - Fine Artist / Illustrator
Justin Gerard - Illustrator
Phillip Jackson - Comic artist and Illustrator.
Erin Kavanagh - Illustrator
Jin Kim - Character Designer at Walt Disney Animation Studios.
Cory Loftis - Visual Development Artist at Walt Disney Animation
Floriane Marchix - Color designer / Visual Development Artist.
Ariana Oh - Story Artist and Flash Animator.
Melissa van der Paardt - 2D artist at Disney Mobile
Phobs - deviantART artist / Illustrator
Corinne Reid - Freelance Illustrator
Bill Schwab - Character designer and visual development artist at Walt Disney Animation Studios.
Skia - deviantART artist / Illustrator
Grant Snider - Comic artist.
Pavel Tatarnikov - Illustrator
Victoria Ying - Visual development artist at Disney Feature Animation.

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