Sunday, July 29, 2012

Choir Variety Show

I finished some freelance work for my high school choir:

As you can see, it changed A LOT from the Binturong/Bearcat idea from my last post.....the client wanted me to focus more on "alumni" I did :) The show is next month and I will be singing again with friends - it's gonna be a lot of fun! This design will be on the pamphlets for the show in the local paper as the ad for the show. The show will be thrown to raise money for the choir - who needs some new uniforms!

In other news, I have officially started some work with Animation Hero . However, I can't show you any of that work ;) Perhaps in the future. John will also be joining me on the adventure :)

And in even OTHER news - Did you see the Olympic Opening Ceremonies?! Fun and weird and interesting and MR BEAN!! :heart: Also..the swim team doing "Call Me Maybe"....we Americans are goofy haha.

(...also Spain and Ireland and Australia and Canada *not picky*)

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