Saturday, December 1, 2012

Klimt Dogs

Here's a  peak at something I started today :)
Today was the CCAD Art Sale and John and I did not make it in because spots filled up within 1 MINUTE AND 8 SECONDS after sign-ups opened (yikes). But we're hoping to get into the Spring Sale! :D Anywho, all of the pretty art (we bought SEVEN prints! WEE!!) really inspired me to do some art haha. Soooo...I grabbed some Klimt inspiration and some board I've been meaning to use...and drew up some old characters.

Here are the sketches and a the first run of color studies...gotta let 'em rest tonight though. Too tired to go on D:> These were drawn in pencil (4H) on tinted board and then colored in FireAlpaca.

Also for those curious, these are the two Klimt pieces that I'm pulling colors from :)

I luff Klimt <3
Anywho, will continue on these later. They'll be traditional - watercolor, gouache, and acrylic with some pencil/ink work (as per usual of my traditional stuff haha). MAYBE I CAN BREAK OUT THE COPICS! *gasp*

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