Friday, July 5, 2013

New Character: Folkvar & Raul Re-Design

A new face in the Aviris universe! This here is Folkvar - the prince of the Northern Kingdom of Hrodland. He and Jai (who also has not be introduced here yet) are sort of fall into the "white knight" category. Anyway, he doesn't have the best home life and throughout the story sort of maybe kinda develops a thing for our leading lady ;) Only problem is - where does this leave Cirino? :o

Right now, I'm just trying to figure Folkvar's design out, but I think this works for now. May throw on some colors later :)

And here is the first sketch of the re-design for Raul (who was previously named Neeko). I don't really like it, but it was nice just to give him a go haha

Folkvar, NiKita, Raul, and the world of Aviris (c) JMiera

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Character Re-designs

Hey All!

Wow I'm just arting it up aren't I? :D And I wanna draw some more! Anywho, after doing the piece of Luciano and Nadya, I wanted to give Cirino and NiKita a go with their re-designs. These aren't 100% polished...but I'm certainly getting closer! YAY!

To see their OLD designs, look here

Monday, July 1, 2013

King & Queen

This is the latest project I've been working on for funsies. 3 Progress shots and the final :)

Rey Luciano and his Queen, Nadya. The rulers of the Southern Kingdom of Ruhkshan before the rise of Rey Kir.  They are NiKita's parents.

I've never drawn a snow leopard before...or someone wearing a this was exciting! haha

Note: No, their proportions are not actual. They are exaggerated (along with anatomy). This piece was actually inspired by a Yoshitaka Amano piece (only mine is nowhere near as pretty haha). I'd put a link to it, but I can't find it on Google right now  Whoops!

This is done in watercolor & colored pencils with a few dashes of salt and minimal photoshop to boost the contrast. Characters & the story of Aviris (c) JMiera