Thursday, August 2, 2012

Alum Choir Progress

Here's my progress for my latest freelance job. I posted the finished piece in my last post, but I thought I'd go ahead and do a progress post too :)

Here was the very first sketch - as you can see some of them need quite a bit of work haha. My original idea was to work with an animal called a binturoung/bearcat - which is the mascot to my high school. However, my client (aka my choir teacher) wanted me to focus more on "alumni". SO, after a couple of days of seriously pondering that over - I cam up with this - showing the choir as we are now - grown and walking different paths in life. Getting married,  having kids, graduating college, traveling, in the military, and budding professionals :) She loved this idea and so the next step...

...was to refine the design! I took all of the characters and began to draw the second draft. Here you can see that I changed the position of some of the characters so that there was more balance in the piece. I also changed some of the facial directions so add in some more variety :)

I decided to do that piece in Adobe Illustrator....which may or may not have been a good idea haha. I was not trained in Illustrator and I don't know it very well....luckily, I live with 3 people that do. I've done all of my freelance work these past few years (especially logos - including my own) in Illustrator. Vector just works better for printing unless you have fancy dancy super printer and beautiful cotton paper (which this will NOT be printed on) hahaha.  

Luckily, I only had to dook it out with Illustrator a couple of times before I got it to work just the way I want it. I was commissioned to only design the front of the pamphlet, so that's why the back is so blank. I DID, however, plop my name on it.

As I gift to the choir, I did not charge for this piece. The alumni choir show is being done to help raise money for the choir - which is need of some new uniforms after a freak dry-cleaning accident D:> I had some of the best friends in choir, so I don't mind helping them out this time :) And I will be part of the show next week - super excited for the little reunion.

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