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Below is a list of sites, tutorials, or other information that I have found VERY helpful in my path to becoming an artist. One of the most important things you can do in life is to keep learning. When I do art, or write, or anything, I'm constantly looking up inspiration and reference. I hope some of these can be exactly where YOU'RE looking for too!

Academy of Art Character and Creature Design Notes
This blog works as discussion, inspiration, notes and links for online AAU students

The Alphabeastiary
This on-going art challenge invites artists to submit their representations of mythical creatures...all well learning about the myths and folklore surrounding them!

Analytical Figure Drawing
This blog is full of reference pertaining to human anatomy - very useful!

Animation Meat
This blog is FULL of everything animation. From model sheets to fun facts to forums and notes.

Animation World Network
This site is the HUB for animation news and information. Including news about upcoming projects, interviews, and what's happening around the industry - it's all here!

The Animator Letters Project
This project is an ongoing effort to gather handwritten letters from professional animators; each sharing their stories and words of wisdom, as a source of inspiration and encouragement for aspiring animators.

Big Screen Animation
A blog about reviews and industry news.

Cartoon Concept Design
Full of all the model sheets you could ever want to reference and drool over.

Character Design: Artist Interviews
Interviews with artists working all over the animation industry. These interviews are also chock full of work by those artists.

Deja View
The very informative blog by the wonderful Andreas Deja himself - a longtime animator from Disney.

Figure Drawing Tool
A lovely tool to help with figure drawing of both human and animal subjects. Adjustable time limits and extensive photo galleries.

Living Lines Library
Pretty much like the Character Concept Design site - only on steroids! Everything from original pencil tests, to model sheets, to production art, and documentaries. It's an artist's dream!

Muddy Colors
A fantasy art collective made up of current industry illustrators. Very informative!

An amazing tool that offers various 3D models of body parts and can be posed to view from any angle. Lovely for perception practice!

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