Thursday, November 29, 2012

Revamping (but without vampires)

Hey Everyone,

I've been thinking about it and I'm pretty sure that I have decided to revamp the blog.
Right now, it's sort of the combination of all my work...but I'm thinking of separating it into three different categories. They are as follows:

This blog will be all about the artwork. Drawings, paintings, illustrations and ALL MY CHARACTER WORK. Projects I'm working on that such as Avirs and Rise of the Scion will have their progress posted in this blog. In other words, anything that requires any sort of drawing via hand or computer will go over here. This includes animation work! (EXCEPT IN THE CASE OF STORYBOARDS - note below)

This blog will have everything to do with my photography work (which is only done on the side - and not very often) and all of my film/video work. This is what I focused on in college and what I'm currently doing as a professional (I'm an assistant editor at Hotbed Media, LLC). SO - this blog will include embedded files and/or links to video/film projects I'm working on and will not include any artwork (EXCEPT IN THE CASE OF STORYBOARDS - note below).

Because storyboards are obviously both used in film and animation....they will be separated accordingly. Any storyboards that have to do with animation (such as storyboards for any animated piece I help with - like the Insight Bank project or projects like Aviris or Rise of the Scion) will go in the ART blog. Any storyboards done for my film/video work (such as those for Moments That Matter and Sink Like Stones) will go in the FILM/PHOTOGRAPHY blog. This is to insure that they storyboards can go with the projects they're meant for and so that someone doesn't have to jump back and forth to see the storyboards from one project on one blog then jump to another blog to see the final version :)

It just so happens that I partake in some other work outside of the painting, drawing, and film. I also like to make some crafty things - mainly keychain charms and homemade books! I don't make them very often, so this corner of the internet may not be VERY active...but every once in a while I'm sure it will have a burst of growth :) Nearly everything on this particular blog will also be for SALE for any that are interested!

So keep an eye out and be patient with me as I move everything around dolls <3
And as always, thanks for the time it's taken you to read all of this and look at the blog and/or leave comments - it means a lot to me!

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