Aviris is a large project I've been working on for many, many years. It's currently going through a huge makeover as I work on world-building and character development and design. The idea started off as an online collaboration project with a bunch of friends and, over time, I took it and molded it into a story I hope to publish someday.

A LOT has changed since the original days of "I'm going to write a couple of paragraphs in a non-uniform way to everyone else to move this story along". But I strongly feel that the original spirit of a bunch of friends having fun investing in something creative still lingers within the pages and pieces I've made for the story. I hope this sense of fun and wonder resonates for viewers like you.

Below, you can see some work I've made having to do with Aviris. This is a big project and I'm doing the majority of it on my own. However, I'm lucky enough that my husband, John, also enjoys brainstorming with me from time to time. One day, I'll have to get this thing out to the world :)

Aviris is about a girl running from her past, who realizes that she has to take control, and responsibility, for her life while making, maintaining, and potentially losing personal relationships. The fate of her world depends on it.



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