Friday, October 7, 2011

Technical stuff aka - quick studies.

So these are things that aren't necessarily interesting, but are very important for animators or people interested in the general field:

So here's 50 (or close to) bean shapes twisted and turned and squished and squashed. This was done pretty early in the class.

Twisted rectangles in perspective and what not

25 rectangles and 25 cubes in perspective (some of these are a little wonky - sorry! haha)

Some examples of some super quick gestures I did in class. These were done during warm up and we had about 30sec on each one.

Gestures done during warm up in class. I believe we had about 30 seconds on each of these as well.

Some hand exercises - some of these turned out kinda weird too. Unfortunately, I did them rather quickly D:> Gonna have to practice them more! I like hands :)

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