Thursday, October 20, 2011

Expressions Galor! ...and HTTYD

Latest thing was to take one of our characters and doing 5 versions of 5 different expressions (25 drawings total). I picked NiKita because she's fun and I can draw her quickly XD

I tried a little too quickly though and it ended up awfully messy. And so, I redid all of the linework before I turned it in. I did not get to redo all of the horribly messy colors though :( So for now, you just get to see the first face with colors (and correct eyes). But hey, at least you can see one of them with color :3 I'll color the rest of them whenever I have time (next semester?) haha

We also took our hands to the 2D animation found in How to Train Your Dragon's short "The Legend of the BoneKnapper Dragon". I drew a young Gobber and one of his dreaded Hammerhead Sharks :) (they belong to DreamWorks)

Lastly, there's always the 30sec warmup gestures:

In other news, there's a really big and exciting project beginning in character design. I'll be joining 6 of my fellow classmates and we're gonna bring you a kickass story with exciting characters <:D So be excited! And stay tuned! :3

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