Monday, October 17, 2011

Inspired by Kelly Connell

Something a little different to share:

I'm taking an Art & Tech class (equivalent to photography II) and our latest project was to do a "fictional documentary". I toyed around a lot until my interest in psychology slapped me in the face and led me to mental disorders. I randomly latched on to Multiple Personality Disorder (MPD). Now, I don't know anyone with MPD, so I can only assume what it must be like (horrible I'm sure).

Anyway, as I progressed with the series, it became more about my own, personal, personalities and how they differ, are similar, and argue with each other ever day. As a current student, I think that college kids are always at war with themselves. This is the part of our lives when we grow up. We have to deal with finances, friends, relationships and the general balance of things. Make a well balanced meal or spend the time getting homework done (which happens to be due at 8am the next morning)? haha

I dunno, I thought it was an interesting thing to explore. I took them all in my apartment (which is tiny) so that gave it a claustrophobic sort of feel (which I like). It makes the space in which all of these personalities live really small...and thus leads to tension :)

Anyway, enjoy and let me know what you think!

The Antithesis

Food Wars

Study Party

The Lovers


Gender Bender

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