Monday, October 10, 2011

Sketches & Notes

Just some things done in class today:

30 second gesture drawings

The Hunchback of Notre Dame (c) Disney and Victor Hugo

A random sketch (and the first since last semester) of NiKita. I can already see changes in her - which is very exciting! It means I'm learning!

As for notes, it seems I missed the mark on the last assignment. The "styles" part of it was supposed to be...different I guess? Not sure if my lineart really throws it off or not. I guess it was supposed to be a sort of "more realistic" or "super cartoony" or "feature film VS television animation" style...thing.

I went with 2 that were kinda random (one inspired by concept art for Frollo from Disney's Hunchback), one that was a generic "anime" style and one that was a general "hannah-barbara" style...but I guess that didn't come off o.O I'll try and redo them if I ever have the time....

Anyway, you should be seeing more of Lawrence and some Colette in the future!

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