Wednesday, October 5, 2011

French Dystopian Fantasy Drama

....I mean what?

This week's assignment was to draw 4 character heads at 3/4 front views...this is what I got heh.

Aero - the reluctant hero. He's the sort of apathetic jerk that turns into a robin-hood type. He's based off of the french prisoner who came to be known as "The Man in the Iron Mask".....his mask never comes off and is as much his face at the one underneath.

Colette - she's sarcastic and pessimistic, but she's the reason Aero hasn't lost his humanity. She may or may not also have a bit of a crush on Aero.

Frederic - he's a curious little robot who can't speak and has to crank himself to keep "alive". Unfortunately, his curiosity is usually a bad he tends to destroy everything he touches :/ He follows Aero and Colette around like a lost puppy and seems to catch the attention of Lawrence for some reason....

Monsieur Lawrence de la Chat - He's a corrupt, powerful, off-brand musketeer who oddly seems interested in Frederic. He's a big jerk...but is horrible at insulting. He refers to Aero as "reniflard de visage"....which means "face breather".