Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Sketch Dump

So in character design, we're working on a giant group project (our group is 7 strong). The assignment was to come up with an idea for a feature film. We have to have 7 characters and 3 beat boards (scenes from what would be the film....kinda like screenshots or really detailed storyboards). The first week, we came up with our basic plot and the characters, than each of us sketched the characters out and shared them.

These are my sketches for our characters:

Cammy is our main character. She's an orphan who ends up getting a job as a bellhop at a mysterious hotel. We started off making her really yong (6-8yrs old) but then decided to move her into her preteen years. That way, she could have a job AND feasibly go up against other characters in the story. (I am in love with that colored sketch though hehe)

Glory is the owner of a mysterious hotel. She takes Cammy in after she loses her parents. Upon taking in the girl and learning of her misfortune, Glory tells the girl that if she gathers 3 artifacts from 3 of the hotel's tenants, she can resurrect her parents....thus the journey begins!  But is there more to Glory than meets the eye?? (some of these were done by the wonderful John Pohlman).

THE TENANTS: The people who are staying at the hotel are more than they appear. On the outside they seem drab, worn down, and broken. But if you enter their rooms and you enter their world, where their true selves become known. Some of these tenants are helpful, some are not, and some are downright terrifying.

This is one of the tenants of the hotel. She is based off of the Greek Goddess, Athena...but we're trying to figure out another name for her. She acts as the mentor to Cammy and helps her on her journey. She also sends her owl, Oote to help Cammy along.

Oote is "Athena's" owl who acts are a guide, comic relief, and watcher of Cammy. He's small and flutters around quickly...kinda like a mix between Flit from Pocahontas and the Golden Snitch from Harry Potter hehe

Lastly (from my batch), there is the "Masked God" (as we've been calling him). We aren't sold on a name yet, but are thinking of referring to him solely as his room number. He appears as a small child in our world, but in his room he is a dangerous killing machine. He is based off of Kou from Avatar: The Last Airbender (the face-stealer) with a little bit of the Monkey from the 12 Kingdoms and No Face from Spirited Away. He's our psychological monster and his goal is to make everyone crap themselves.

Exciting enough, I was assigned the character of the mask god. This means that I will be developing him over the next week and a half or so - along with the room he's staying in and his role in the story. I'm really excited for this opportunity and know that he'll be quite the challenge.

More to come!

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