Monday, October 10, 2011

Lawrence - Variations and Styles

Latest project in character design was to take one of the characters in our last group (Read: french dystopian fantasy drama a couple posts back) and make 12 variations of them. Then we were to pick one of those variations and do it in 3 difference styles (I did 4 though because why not?)

So out of Aero, Colette, Frederic, and Lawrence...I decided to go with my villain. Lawrence just didn't seem as solid as the others in personality or form. So I took my evil musketeer and stretched his face all over the place :)

Silly story about these guys...I came to campus to scan them and color them all yesterday...but when I got to campus I realized that I had left the sketches at home *fail*. Soooooooooo I went home and had to throw some ink to line these things and bring 'em in today so I could scan and color them before class haha XD It's a messy way to work..but it got done :)

....and yes I spelled "variant"'s more french now! <_<     >_>

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