Sunday, July 22, 2012

Aviris sketches and a Choir Project

I was recently asked by my old high school, choir teacher to design the pamphlet cover to this year's alumni choir variety show. My high school's mascot is a Bearcat - otherwise known as a Binturoung. I was given free-range on the design, and I like drawing animals, so that's what I went with haha. These are my current sketches:

While I was feeling sketchy, I went ahead and decided to give a couple of scenes from Aviris a go. I'm really working with the designs of the characters (other than Nikita). But even though their looks are evolving, the character's have always had certain relationships with each other :) I finally wanted to show some interaction between some of them.

Here's Adele (Eulalia's friend and Alonzo's younger sister) with Dulio (Cirino's brother). Dulio doesn't warm up the group very well, but Adele likes him, despite his deformities, and follows him around like a puppy - much to his dismay and amusement.

And here's Nikita chatting with Cirino about something or other. These two don't start off as best friends, but as the story goes on their relationship begins to blossom. Cirino is Dulio's younger brother.

That's all for now, but I'm still feeling who knows! I may upload more soon :)

(lawl, notice how I can't draw environments. Also, I totally reference an image from Brave and an image from Tangled haha)

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