Tuesday, January 1, 2013


My roommates recently required the board game Parcheesi (which is an adaption of the Royal Game of India: Pachisi). In some versions, the pawns are in the shapes of animals (which I prefer). These animals are as follows: The Bull, Tiger, Camel, and Elephant. Each of these animals has a specific color and in India, has a very special meaning. This inspired me to a do a small series showcasing these animals and just exploring a little Indian spirituality. Along with inspiration from the game, I also used traditional henna designs to pull in some more Indian flavor. These are my end-of-2012 shebang hehe

Each of the originals is 6x6'' and done in watercolor and La Kaligrafica Italian inks:

Bull - green - represents "Spirituality"

Camel - yellow - represents "Love"

Elephant - blue - represents "Luck"

Tiger - red - represents "Courage"

I also made them represent each of the houses of a standard card deck....mainly because each of the symbols coincides with what each animal represents (I.E. clovers are lucky, and the heart is the symbol of love, ect)


  1. These are great, Jessica! Only thing, I couldn't necessarily read the tiger right off the bat ... but I really dig these!

    1. Hi Chris!
      Thanks a lot! I was actually going back and forth on whether or not I should up the contrast on the tiger, but your comment has affirmed my assumption! I'll probably darken him a little to help him stand out more :) But thanks so much for your comment - I'm happy to hear from you! Hope you had a wonderful holiday!