Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Siblings Finished (for now?)

Well, I think I've finished least it's done for now haha. I need more practice painting hair :/ Aside from that, I've always had trouble really pushing my value structures. I didn't go as dark as I should have on some of this....especially with skin tones. I realized this late in the game though, so maybe it looks sloppy when I tried to improvise? D:> idk...I like it, but I'm tired of working on it on and off for months haha SO. For now, it is finished :)

These are Nikita, Kir, and Adele from my original story called Aviris (working title). The story is going through some major revisions, but hopefully, someday, will become something or other in a published form haha.

Done in Photoshop over the course of too long X_X Inspired by Klimt.

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