Thursday, March 15, 2012

Duilio Development

With my 2nd siblings piece, I'm really trying to figure out the characters of Cirino and Duilio. Duilio is based on a bear and suffers from deformaties in the story of Aviris. He's the type of character that looks like a bad guy (and who acts like one at first - bitter and calous and blunt), but is actually a great guy under the gruff. He's just misunderstood :)

I've been working on his design for a long time now and his head has always been something of a fun challenge for me. These are sketches I made today while playing around with different animal anatomies and trying to give him a certain look.

I'd appreciate any feedback on these. Which one do you like and why? Which do you think best shows the potential for a character who goes from mean to caring?  :)

All of the skull images were found on google via simple searches (EX "bear skull" and "mandrill skull") and btw, "study" is supposed to say "sturdy" lawl That one's my current fav :)


  1. That is an interesting study! I'm looking forward to see how those turn out.

    1. Thanks Chris! Trying to find that right design is proving quite the task on him, but at least he's fun :)