Friday, March 9, 2012

Coyote Pups & Fawns progress

Here's the latest progress on two of my coyote pieces. These both have to do with the Native American legend about Coyote and the Fawns. In the story, Coyote becomes entranced by the spots that a deer's fawns have. Wanting his own children to have spots, Coyote asks the Deer how she got the spots on her children.

The deer then explains that in order for Coyote to get spots on his children, he needs to trap them in a cave, set it on fire, and let the sparks hit them. The sparks of the fire will then give them spots.

Needless to say...that's not how it turned out D:>

In my version, Coyote's pups will survive, but have black spots rather than white (because they were burned). These pieces will be done in india ink and watercolor on 6ply bristol (not much different from my previous coyote work)


  1. I dig the pattern work on the coyote pups. That looks like it could definitely lead to something cool!

    1. Thanks Chris! I'm hoping to start inking on these pieces soon! It's very exciting :)