Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Collective Fail

Sooooo...Today in class we all failed together haha. Our prof brought in Enchanted (which I've only seen once but it has WONDERFUL animation sequences) to draw from and just....none of us could draw Giselle for our LIVES. hahaha I believe my prof said, "Some days....you just suck. There's a lot of collective suck happening right now." So he stopped us and we did critique instead XD *commence self-pity*

Giselle (c) Disney and Amy Adams

This was my other failure of the night. For homework I had to draw a character in 5 action poses showing personality, do 5 head studies, and show 3 outfits. Mine is NOT very nice...I admit I just plain ran out of time :( My prof was not impressed ><'' BUT, I did get informative feedback for my Aviris designs.

This was done later in the evening for funsies. I had this darn quote stuck in my head for a day in a half so finally put it to a drawing! NiKita and Eulalia obviously drink haha The low opacity notes were given by my prof during my critique.

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